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El Chalten
The first view of the mountains of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. From left to right, Cerro Torre (3102m), Cerro Poincenot (3002m) and Mount Fitz Roy (3405m). Apart from the last stretch of road it was a comfortable drive. More and more of the road to El Chalten is paved. A closer view of Fitz Roy. The short hike on the first day in El Chalten. El Chalten, the self proclaimed Capital of trekking in Argentina. Laguna Capri. The last part of the very steep climb to Laguna de los Tres, at the base of Mount Fitz Roy. The Laguna de los Tres. Unfortunately the weather was not too good. Mount Fitz Roy is on the other side, but is not visible. Dark clouds are coming in. Later it would rain very hard on the way down to El Chalten.
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