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São Jorge
The Guesthouse Jardim do Triângulo where we stayed during our visit to Sao Jorge. A great place to stay and enjoy the view of the Pico Volocano. There are lots of flowers to be seen, all over the island. Hortensia's are the best known flowers on the island, and indeed on the Azores. An old windmill, near the town of Terreiros. The lighthouse on the western tip of the island, Ponta dos Rosais. The view there was't as spectacular as we had expected. Ponta dos Rosais Faja dos Vimes, we drove here on a very steep road down to the coast. We were a little bit anxious about the possibility of our rental car being able to climb the steep road back up. A short walk to the west of Faja dos Vimes Dirt road leading to the eastern tip of Sao Jorge. A typical street in the town of Velas. Apart from the Hortensia, we did see this flower a lot ... if you know the name, do let me know. The dirt road leading to Ponta dos Rosais. The most interesting thing to see at Ponta dos Rosais.
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