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Our first accomodation of this holiday, Casa Rural Las Chimeneas. Mairena is situated high in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada of Andalucia in the range of mountains and valleys known as the Alpujarras. Typical site in the small towns in the Alpujarras. View of the Sierra Nevada mountains near Puerta de la Ragua. Another view on the way to the top of Mount Chullo. We climbed Mount Chullo (2611m) from Puerta de la Ragua. There is no vegetation at this altitude and strong winds. But it was well worth the effort to reach the top. Mairena is located on the GR7 long distance footpath. A view of the surroundings as seen from just outside J˙bar, between Mairena and Laroles. The small church of J˙bar. The church in a town east of Mairena, Laroles. The typical whitewashed houses you can find in the Alpujarras. In this case the small town of Laroles.
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