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Great Zimbabwe
Part of the Hill Complex of Great Zimbabwe. Remnants of an ancient Bantu speaking civilazation that lived here from the 11th untill the 15th century. These walls were constructed from granite blocks gathered from the exposed rock of the surrounding hills. The views from the Hill Complex are great. In the distance you can see Lake Kyle or Lake Muturikwe as it is now called. On the left you can see parts of the Valley Complex and on the right the Great Enclosure. The Conical Tower inside the Great Enclosure. The tower is completely solid. Its function is still a mystery. The Great Enclosure is the biggest man made structure south of the Sahara. The name 'Zimbabwe' is derived from the Shona phrase Ziimba dza Mabwe, meaning 'Houses of Stone'. It is situated 30km south-west of Masvingo. The stone walls, up to 6 meter thick and 12 meter high, are built of granite blocks without the use of mortar.
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