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Mana Pools 05-2007
The beginning of our Lion Walk. There was some fierrce roaring from the bushes 10 to 15 metres in front. Now she is just roaring, but a few moments later she jumped up and seemed to attack us. After a few minutes and another 'attack', the lions walked away slowly. Keeping an eye on us. This felt to me like a saver distance, but still my heart was pounding faster. Rather them then me on the lion's menu. Eland, impressive in size. These are the largest antelope around. Canoeing down the Zambezi, just watch out for crocs and hippo's. Sometimes they where way too close for comfort. Elephant having a sunset bath. Birds crossing the zebra. The first time I saw them in real life, Wild Dogs. Wild Dogs taking it easy. Waterbuck, easily recognizable ... they have been sitting on a white toilet seat.
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